UK mobile industry scrutiny

There have been constant reports in the UK market about how the mobile phone industry is recovering from its losses during the economic downturn. However, an all report by Ofcom claims otherwise. The 2010 Ofcom report entirely breaks down to scrutinize the mobile phone industry. A lot of changes are shown and a proper analysis of how much the mobile phones are being used is properly indicated. In all the revenues have changed by around 3.5% to £14.9bn over the last one year. The report also indicates how a lot of people keep visiting websites on their phone to make better use of browser applications.

There has been a significant fall as far as text messages are concerned. This is mainly because more and more network services have started to offer a whole lot of free texts and a lot more all combined together. This also indicates that some of the best options are being provided. A lot of offers are SIM only which often means that the mobile services offer packages of free texts. This has resulted in quite a sharp decrease as far as revenue options are concerned. It is one of the primary reasons for an overall decline in pricing deals and more.

Ofcom report states that within March 2009 mobile broadband was being used by around 12% of all households in general. But over the months, by 2010 this appears to have declined at a very steady rate and hence the revenue process has also steadily gone downhill. According to the report Vodafone reported the highest rate in making mobile phone connections in the year 2010. UK has definitely a record of extremely high mobile phone connections as was reported by 3. This report gives a better idea of the actual condition that the UK mobile market finds itself in.

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