Smart phones for the UK corporates

The people are getting used to have mobile phones at all times. Not only do they want a phone to communicate, they want something that is latest and has the best technology the market has to offer. The technology hungry customers keep changing their handsets and hence keep pushing the sales rate higher.

The latest choice of the customers is shifting towards the user friendly phones such as Android and iPhones. The shops have increased the stock of smart phones of different brands in response to their growing demand. This is the new strategy that is going to be implemented by the IT and telecom managers for the next year or 2.

Benjamin Gray and Christian Kane, analysts of Forrester, came out with a report that shows that the companies have started using a multi-platform mobile philosophy. The report also shows that the 70 per cent of the users in North American and Europe prefers Blackberry. This is followed by Windows Mobile at 41 per cent and iPhone at 29 per cent. Android and Windows Embedded CE both have the same market share at 13 per cent. Palm OS forms 12 per cent, while webOS forms only 8 per cent and Symbian forms only 7 per cent.

Blackberry will have to make their policies a little more flexible if they want to continue to enjoy the major market share.

The survey also included the smart phones used by employees that are not provided to them by the corporate they work for. This raises the issue of security. One of the ways to solve this problem is by finding a device agnostic tools that would replace BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

The corporate can’t pressurize these highly paid employees to use the corporate handset. They are in huge demand as well hence they can’t be forced into using something they don’t want to.

Mozbot Team

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