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T-Mobile is one of the top mobile companies in the UK. They recently merged with another mobile company, Orange under the parent company, Everything Everywhere Limited. They have been getting a lot of complaints lately. The complain is being made because the network blocks LGBT websites because they consider that it is not appropriate for being viewed by people under 18 years of age.

This block has been made irrespective of the nudity factor or any other offensive matter contained on the site. This also includes the site called LezGetReal which has been very popular amongst the people in UK. The teens like to read articles published on the site. The network uses a system called Content Lock. This program helps to filter out anything that it considers offensive, automatically. If the customers want to access these sites they have to confirm they are above 18 years of age.

Bryan Manley-Green, who uses at T-Mobile, stated that the blocks being made for lesbian and homosexual sites are a breach of the Equality Act. This would also affect their homosexual clientele as they might take offense to such action. The complaints have been majorly made due to the bars made on gay sites. This also includes sites which list travel plans, bars, clubs and other openings related to gay culture. One of the sites being barred is

Not everything connected to homosexuals is offensive. Hence the block being made for everything related to the subject is ridiculous. It can be seen as discrimination against gays and lesbians.

People have been calling to make complaints and have spoken to the customer complaints advisor and other staff members. T-mobile has refused to make any comment on the subject. They have not come up with any kind of explanation or a statement as yet.

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