The Orange in UK

Though originally an essential part of the France Telecom Group, yet it controls the telecom industry world wide, especially in UK. In UK, 99% of the people are dependent on Orange for a superior quality GSM service. Orange also handles the 3G services for about 93% of the population. Not only does 16.11 million people are relying on Orange for mobile connections, it has a steady number of 900000 people who avail for the broadband facility provided by Orange.

Orange has just launched the new service of a high definition (HD) voice for its customers in UK on the 1st of September. This new technology is believed to be the new revolutionary change in the world of telecommunication by many people. To make this offer more attractive as well as effective, Orange has worked in collaboration with some leading headset manufacturing companies, so that headsets provided to the customers are configured to be used for HD voice.

By the launch of this new service, Orange is providing its customers with a whole new clarity and superior technology in voice calls. It has been testified that this new technology enables one to have as clear calls as while using Skype. This basically captures a larger span of wavelength within less space. Since all operators have this new service covered, hence 3G coverage is the only thing required to avail of the services of this new HD voice.

Being quite the monopoly in the market when it comes to GSM services, Orange although not from UK, make sure that they always give the best deals to their UK based customers. It goes without saying that all parties who are a part of the phone call have to have the signed up for the service to enjoy it. One person having it is of no use.

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