Mark Zuckerberg richer than Apple CEO Jobs

Now for those of you that don’t know who any of these people are I have two things to say, one where have you been for the last 5 years? And two Mark Zuckerberg is the one you have to thank for never doing your homework because you’re always on something called Facebook. Yes he’s the owner and founder and whatever of Facebook and as of March 2010 the youngest billionaire in the world!

According to the Forbes 400 list, which for those of you that aren’t quite with it, ranks the worlds 400 richest business men and according to it this time around he is ranked officially higher than the CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, sitting nice and pretty at number 35. Which when you take into consideration the man’s age, 26 is pretty damn good.

Zuckerberg has acquired a personal fortune of $6.9billion which to us Brits is £4.41billion and Facebook alone has a value of $23billion which again to us Brits is around £14.7billion. To be quite honest how someone at the age of 26 has managed to make that money is beyond me, oh hang on no it isn’t the answer is for all you budding entrepreneurs out there, go and create the new Facebook and you’ll have millions even billions of pounds to spend. Or not as it isn’t that easy.

Zuckerberg didn’t just wake up with this idea and create it in a couple of hours. It took months of preparation and he’s been accused of stealing the idea off his school class mates! So much they’ve even now made a Facebook film!

Mozbot Team

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