PSPgo fans’ Christmases come at once!

Just in time for Christmas, Sony have announced that they will be slashing the prices of the new PSPgo. So if you were sat there wondering what alternative you could get instead of your PSPgo, well now you need not worry.

Sony are what some may say the pioneers of the gaming world, but the latest edition in the long line of Sony consoles has been somewhat of a flop. It has been given a bit of a kick up the backside by the likes of the iPod touch, the iPhone and the Nintendo DSi, so you may see this as Sony’s last ditch effort to increase sales, as there has already been a price drop in the US and in Japan already.

There is also another side to this story, the side that some people are speculating about and have been speculating about for quite some time. The eagerly awaited, but never officially announced PSP2. According to rumours this new handset will have both front and rear cameras, a touch-screen and 3G Connectivity.

With the rumour mill also churning out an apparent release date of ‘early 2011’ that makes the price slash of the PSPgo all the more interesting, but all we can do is wait…

Mozbot Team

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Batteries not included.