Facebook Deals to be Hitting the UK soon?

After the launch of Facebook Deals in the US on Wednesday evening, the question being asked, inevitably was “when will we be getting it over here?!” Meaning us Brits over here on the other side of the pond!
Facebook Deals is basically something for businesses to promote themselves on, whilst they’re also trying to build up a customer base. So in conjunction with Facebook Places, Facebook Deals is a way for local businesses to advertise deals or discounts that they have on. So if you have Facebook places you need to merely check in and any stores that are enrolled in the Facebook Deals scheme will be displaying a little yellow icon and if you quite fancy getting your laughing gear round the deal that they have on, you simply click on the business and when you’re at the cashier you just need to show your phone to them to be able to claim your discount or deal.
During the release of the new ‘Deals’ scheme Facebook explicitly announced that they don’t make any kind of money from this. Well, not just yet they don’t, but we have no doubt that they soon may start making money from it.
Speaking about Facebook deals, Emily White, the director of Local at Facebook said: “The Deals concept starts to solve an age-old problem, at least in the Internet world, that businesses had. For a long time, merchants have been told ‘you need to be online.’ But for local businesses, the reason behind that hasn’t been entirely obvious to them.”
So with its own film, and rumour of a very special Facebook phone being released what could Facebook possibly do next? A Facebook branded laptop? Sounds like a good ideam might get it patented now before it’s too late!

Mozbot Team

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