Has Call of Duty: Black Ops lived up to the hype?

With all the hype that has surrounded the recent release of the latest Call of Duty game, Black Ops we want to find out if it actually lives up to all the hype and if it is anything compared to the previous games that have been released.

The latest release in a long line of games from Activision, Infinity Ward and Treyarch has finally been released in the UK and unless you’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last few weeks then you’ll know what we’re talking about when we say the release of this game causes the same amount of hype that Bin Laden walking into the White House would do.

Anyhow, the newest CoD is set during the Cold War and it is based around a Clandestine Block Operations Unit who have been given the task of carrying out various missions behind enemy lines.

In the first 24 hours of the game going on sale in the US and the UK it had sold over 5.6 million copies which is breaking the record set by its predecessor by around 900,000 copies. There will be a copy of the game sold in Japan on the 18th of November with Japanese subtitles and there will also be a Japanese dubbed version released on the 16th of December.

Another record broken by the game is that is has become the highest selling entertainment release in history, surpassing any game, film or song released by making over $360million dollars in the first 24 hours which, like the amount of games sold has broken last year’s record of $310million set by Modern Warfare 2.

These games have certainly gripped a whole generation and there is set to be more games released, with even more records to be broken.

So I think it’s safe to say that this game has lived up to the hype and is well worth the money that you’ll be paying for it…

Mozbot Team

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