Bad guys find way to install malicious software on Android

Now if you have an Android handset then you may want to read this. A recent study of HTC handsets has revealed that there is a way for malicious people to install apps onto people’s phones without the user knowing.

After a study of HTC handsets, it was revealed that the integrated browser can install web packages without the phones owner knowing. Well I’m sorry folks but it gets worse from here, the flaw which was originally installed to allow HTC to upgrade the Flash Lite plug-in also allows in the bad guys and paves the way for them to install harmful and malicious software on your phone.

This could prove disastrous for some HTC users and the flaw, luckily for some of you out there that are running on Android 2.2 then you need not b worried by this as the flaw only hits users running on Android 2.1 or any of the other, older versions.

So if you’ve been sat at home, pondering whether to make the switch to the iPohone and to betray your Android brethren then this may sway you somewhat in that decision. I on the other hand have already made up my mind, I will be investing in a brand spanking new iPhone 4 in the new year after months of getting really annoyed at my HTC Hero. Not much of a Hero anymore, my new hero will be heading to me straight from Apple…

Mozbot Team

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