iPad Tops Christmas Lists for Guys, Ladies, Kids and Thieves

It was the festive period’s most-wanted item and based on early unit sales indications, the Apple iPad did not disappoint millions on Christmas morning.

The touch-screen device is thought to have sold approximately 6.31 million units between October 1 and December 31, 2010, which is about 2 million above their average quarterly figures. Not bad for a device which was launched eight months ago, yet is rumoured to be superceded in April by a better device.

Even kids were getting in on the act, turning their noses up at toys and car sets favoured by earlier generations with 39% of kids just saying they wanted Apple devices from Santa, from iPods to iPads to the iPhone 4, in accordance with the Duracell Toy Report which quizzed a huge number of five to 16-year-olds.

But with the clamour for pricey gadgets during the Christmas period, new iPad users are now being warned that they are prime targets for robbery and really should seek iPad insurance which is certainly becoming more and more cost-effective with quite a few suppliers vying for a little bit of the Apple pie.

Rob Townsend, director of property claims, at Aviva said: “Our homes were jam-packed with plenty of expensive gadgets and glamorous gifts over Christmas and of course that means rich pickings for any opportunist thief in the New Year.”

Together with Apple gizmos – laptops, consoles and digital cameras were top of burglars’ Christmas list in 2009 as crooks cashed in on empty homes and newly-bought presents. Statistics for Christmas crime in 2010 are soon to be revealed.

Mozbot Team

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