Apple Developing a ‘budget’ iPhone 5?

Do you have an iPhone? If you do then you’re one of about 50 or 60 million other people around the world. Probably thinking the same as these other people “Why are iPhone’s so expensive?!” Well, that’s because Steve Jobs is a money grabbing, yeah. Anyhow he may not be for much longer, rumour has it that there’s a ‘budget’ iPhone 5 in the making. Now if this is true then we could see a huge Apple takeover of the mobile phone market! The handset is rumoured to be a third smaller than the iPhone 4 so may be a easier to lose and it has no ‘home’ button on the front of the handset, which is apparently what Apple are working towards with their future handsets.

If it’s true then the budget iPhone will definitely be a huge hit! The likes of the Wildfire, the Desire and the Hero from HTC will all soon become a thing of the past and it’ll just be Apple everywhere! Before you get too excited about this, just take a second to remember that this is only a RUMOUR! So don’t get too excited about it!

The rumoured device that’s apparently in development now is going to be named the iPhone Nano. Also the source who claims to have seen the device says that Apple have considered selling the iPhone ‘Nano’ for around $200 which will equate to around £130. For this price you can buy a brand new iPhone 4, although you’ll be tied into a 2 year contract, which no one really wants unless it can be helped.

So hold your horses and wait on some official news from Apple about the supposed iPhone 5, because until then we’ll be stuck with 2 year contracts and our iPhone 4 handsets. Which isn’t too bad!

Mozbot Team

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