Is the iPad 2 any different to the original?

Just over a year ago many in the tech world were shocked at the release of Apple’s iPad. However, just over 12 months on and an astonishing amount of apps later, Apple have released their next instalment in the iPad family. They announced just a few weeks ago that they would be releasing their new device, the iPad 2 in the United Kingdom on the 25th of March.

The iPad 2 has already been released in the US, being launched out there on the 11th of March. Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be releasing this new device at the recent conference that was held. It’s kind of an annual conference that is held almost every year, like the one for the iPhone that get held every June or July to announce the eagerly anticipated Apple iPhone that most people know about anyway. Because let’s be honest it doesn’t really take a genius to work out the sequence they’ve got going on when it comes to announcing new products.

Back on to the subject of iPad’s they have announced the iPad 2 and its release date for the UK and in the US so as you may imagine when it comes to new Apple products, there’ll be an abundance of people pre-ordering the new iPad so that they can go and pick theirs up on release day. Some people may have a look at the different iPad accessories that are available for you to buy with your iPad. As you may imagine, Apple probably make a fair amount of their money on the official accessories that they sell in their stores up and down the country and also online. Things like iPad accessories will be massive sellers when the new device gets released, people will want to keep their new ‘toy’ safe and protected.

Perhaps you’re not in the US, perhaps you’re over here in the UK? Well if you are then there’s plenty of different places for you to go and have a look for iPad accessories UK, and have a look at what they have on offer for you and your iPad, and who knows you may find a bargain, or bag yourself an absolute gem that may cost you ten times the price somewhere else. Maybe you know someone over in America who can get you what you’re after for half the price? If you do then that would be a money saver for you!

The iPad has been a massive hit in the 12 months that it’s been out. As of the 25th of December last year the original iPad had sold over 14 million units worldwide! 14.79 to be precise which is pretty damn amazing when you consider that we’re supposed to be in a global recession. Imagine all the iPad accessories that got sold when people were buying their flash, fancy new iPads.


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