BlackBerry Monaco Touch extends RIM’s touch screen Line Up

Even though BlackBerry have introduced the touch screen mobile phones into their line-up, it is something that will not be competitive against the likes of the seasoned touch screen mobile phones, which have excellent touch screen displays that are very large. The best that BlackBerry phones could boast of up until now has been 3.2 inches in terms of the size. This is all about to change with the launch of the Blackberry Monaco Touch, which is the new mobile phone from BlackBerry, but it will be competing solely against the likes of the touch screen mobile phones.
The Blackberry Monaco Touch will not be having anything concerned with the business features and the phone will be able to know of this fact by the absence of the physical full QWERTY keyboard. Only the virtual full QWERTY keyboard that is supplied by the operating system is available on the phone, which really brings a new dimension to the BlackBerry mobile phones. The Blackberry Monaco Touch will be coming with a 3.7-inch display that is capable of a maximum resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. This is the sort of resolution that is present in high-end smart phones of late and finally this will be appearing in the BlackBerry phones. Another feature that is present in the high-end smart phones has to be the capacitive nature of the screen, which is also appearing in the Blackberry Monaco Touch.
The Blackberry Monaco Touch will be coming with an optical track pad that seems to be the only feature that has been carried over from previous BlackBerry phones. However, it is going to be extremely useful since most of the operations can be done using this optical trackpad itself. The Blackberry Monaco Touch will have an internal memory of 4 GB. This is also an area where the other high-end smartphones will truly excel due to the support given to large amounts of memory. The Blackberry Monaco Touch takes care of this by providing the extra gigabytes support in the phone by the way of the memory cards. The maximum possible memory that can be introduced into the Blackberry Monaco Touch using memory cards will be 32 GB.
The Blackberry Monaco Touch will be having a five-megapixel camera that seems to be the pinnacle of the BlackBerry mobile phone technology. Some of the options that are going to come with this camera will be the likes of the LED Flash and autofocus. The Blackberry Monaco Touch will be coming with NFC support, which is the latest technology that will make the mobile phone replace the credit cards and every other aspect of your wallet. Hence, the Blackberry Monaco Touch is going to be extremely futuristic since only very few phones are now coming with this support. The Blackberry Monaco Touch 1.2 GHz processor that is powering the phone is pretty fast. The Blackberry Monaco Touch has not been made official by BlackBerry. It is expected that this phone will be announced soon by BlackBerry.

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