INQ Cloud Touch and Q Designed For the Social Networking World

The INQ Cloud phones are the recent factor that is keeping the social networking world in the mobile phone industry awake. These are the new phones that have been launched in order to provide the social networking lovers with something to cherish about.

The INQ Cloud phones will include two different phones, the INQ Cloud Touch and the INQ Cloud Q. These are the phones that are expected to change the old mobile phone industry because they will be starting a new segment within the industry. The social networking is something that is relatively new, but with the launch of the INQ Cloud phones, it is also to become a part of our daily lives. The INQ Cloud phones are something that will be looked upon interestingly after a few years. The INQ Cloud phones will be having two different segments to take care of. While the INQ Cloud Touch is a phone that will be taking care of the touch screen fanatics, the INQ Cloud Q will be taking care of the full QWERTY fanatics. Both phones are extremely good in their respective segments and it does not take long to realise that they will be soon transforming the segment.

The INQ Cloud Q is a phone that might be angled towards the full QWERTY keyboard, but it still does not omit the presence of a touch screen display, which massively improves the user friendliness of a phone. Hence, both INQ Cloud phones will be having the touch screen display, which will be better for everything that is concerned with the smartphones today.

The INQ Cloud Touch will be coming with a touch screen display that measures 3.5 inches in size. This brings the INQ Cloud phones closer to the levels of the Apple iPhone and the Nokia N8, which are located in the stratosphere of the high-end smartphone segments. It is not only in the screen size that the INQ Cloud phones will be matching the highest in the rivals, but also in other features as well. It will be starting with the external memory card support and the going all the way till the camera. Both INQ Cloud phones will be having a five megapixel camera that is extremely similar.

They also will be having a memory feature that is also going to be similar. Internally, they will not be having the best of the memory space, but when it comes to the external memory card support, the INQ Cloud phones are good as any. The processing segment is also something that the INQ Cloud phones are extremely good that due to the presence of 600 MHz processor. This is the limit where the Android 2.4 operating system can be done properly and both INQ Cloud phones will be having this processor. This has obviously resulted in the presence of the latest version of Android, which is yet to be released. It is all these features that have given the INQ Cloud phones a special position in the industry today.

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