UK apps download revenue reached £280m in 2010

Smartphone penetration in the UK has more than doubled during the past two years. The UK holds 8% of global smartphone applications download market.

Smartphone users in the UK downloaded over 860 million applications in 2010 with 105 million downloads counting for paid apps. Revenue reached £280 million for the UK’s total paid application download.

There is still a lot of room to grow. The majority of phone users are still feature phone owners who are using mobile applications not as actively as smartphone users. In the years to come this potential will be explored and will drive up market growth.?These results are part of our new study “UK Smartphone App Market Overview” by research2guidance.

Most of the devices shipped in the UK run Symbian OS, which is in line with the rest of Europe. Owners of these devices are rather passive in using mobile applications, compared to the activity level of other OS users. The most active community of app downloads and ad impressions are iOS holders.

Another interesting finding of our “UK Smartphone App Market Overview” research report is that young females show the highest dynamics of device adoption in 2010. With the current growth rate female smartphone adopters will catch up with their male counterpart within a year. Even though UK smartphone user base still is slightly dominated by men, women are adapting/taking on new smartphones models very quickly.

Mozbot Team

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