AVG Launches ANTIVIRUSFree For Android Tablets

AVG has now launched a new anti-virus application for Android tablets and smartphones. The new software is called ANTIVIRUSFree and provides excellent security for your smartphone or tablet.


ANTIVIRUSFree can scan apps, settings, data and media files for viruses in real-time. Mobile viruses are becoming more and more common everday so this new protection could prove very important.


The application also has a backup feature, which can be used to backup your contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages and installed applications onto a microSD card. You can also password protect any application or data on the mobile using the software’s “app locker” feature.


Another excellent feature of ANTIVIRUSFree is the possibility to remotely wipe your tablet if it has been stolen or lost. You can also use the software to locate your tablet/phone using GPS and even sent a remote message to your mobiles screen.


With the increasing presence, complexity and power of tablets we’d expect a lot more companies to produce anti-virus software for tablets and smartphones over the next year.

Mozbot Team

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