HTC Gratia Comes to Orange and Vodafone

The huge amount of entertainment and business phones that have been launched by HTC in the past few months have all been in the high-end segment, with the mid-range smartphone segment being totally avoided by HTC. Now, the company is planning to increase its portfolio in this segment and they have launched the new HTC Gratia in order to do exactly that. However, this is not an exact the new phone since it is a remodelled and reworked version of the HTC Aria. This is a phone that is currently being sold in the United States and some might be initially put off by the fact that this is the remake. However, one will be losing the best mobile phone this segment if they think so since the HTC Gratia has a lot of features that will certainly astonish you.

The HTC Gratia is going to be offered with a 3.2 inch touch screen display that is going to hold a maximum of 320 x 480 pixels by the way of resolution. Incidentally, this is much better than the resolution of the HTC Wildfire, which is also a smartphone in this segment that is also employing the same touch screen display size. This shows volumes about the features that are present in this new HTC Gratia. The HTC Gratia will be using external memory card slots, which will be able to accept up to 32 GB micro-SD cards without any trouble, while there is also the 2 GB complimentary card already present in the HTC Gratia. The HTC Gratia is entertaining to say the least and set to be having the entertainment features and the Internet connectivity features to go along with it. The entertainment features will be beginning with the five megapixel camera that is extremely outstanding in terms of the detail and quality.
It will be continuing towards the media player that this current on the number of supports for the currently popular audio and video formats. This can be played and enjoyed on the HTC Gratia, which will be coming with a number of technologies that will be enhancing the final product massively. The HTC Gratia is going to be present alongside connectivity features that will be beginning and including the range of 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Even though the DLNA on the other range of connectivity options are not present in the HTC Gratia, one will be able to satisfy by just looking at these features alone. The HTC Gratia is going to be available in three different colour options that are including the black, white and green present in the portfolio, which should add some appeal to the phone.
The HTC Gratia is going to be available under contract options after being finally made available in the United Kingdom markets only a few weeks ago. The contract prices start from £ 25 per month, with Vodafone and Orange being the main providers of the various contract options for this HTC Gratia.


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