iPhone 5 set to redefine mobile phone industry

The Apple iPhone brand is something that is synonymous with high-end features and it has already been introduced by the likes of the Apple iPhone 4 and others. Now, the company is planning to launch a new version of the Apple iPhone in order to put an end to the criticism that has been coming in the way of the Apple iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is the phone that will be launched in order to do exactly that, but it promises to be much more than that it will be redefining the path of the mobile phone industry.
The iPhone 5 is expected to be coming with an improved screen size for the first time in the Apple iPhone history. It will be an important step into the right direction for Apple as most of its competitors have begun using 4 inch touch screen display or even 4.3 inch units. So, the Apple iPhone will now be having the 4 inch display unit instead of the 3.5 unit that has remained the standard across the various versions. Now, the retina display technology is something that was praised incredibly on the iPhone 4 and it will be appearing on the latest iPhone 5. So far, only very few details have been confirmed and one among them has to be the eight megapixel camera that is going to be present in the phone.

It has been confirmed that Sony will be making the camera, which means that you will be extremely satisfied with the output of the camera. The eight megapixel unit will mark a remarkable improvement from the five megapixel unit that was seen in the Apple iPhone 4. This improvement is going to be followed up by the presence of a number of features in the camera, which are going to make the iPhone 5 truly outstanding in terms of its features. The iPhone 5 is also heavily rumoured to be coming with the NFC support, but it is yet to be confirmed by Apple sources. If it does so, then it will be putting on the Apple iPhone brand on a different scale. This NFC support is something that will be wirelessly transforming your mobile phone into a credit card.

The iPhone 5 is also going to be coming with a much improved dual core processor. It is also welcoming to know that this is the same processor that is going to be used in the Apple iPad 2, which will mean that it will be employing the A5 processor. In order to take advantage of the powerful processor, this mobile phone is also going to be coming with the Apple IOS 5, which is expected to make some few changes to the current version of the operating system from Apple. It is not clearly known whether the new iPhone 5 will be launched in the summer as originally planned, but rumours indicate that it could be pushed back a little further.

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