Home movies made easy with the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 offers iMovie app and sound effects to create great home movies in High Definition on the renowned smart phone from Apple.

The relatively cheap app is also available to download from the iTunes App Store on the handset. The app works hand in hand with the phones rear facing 5 megapixel camera to help you to produce your own stunning HD movies to share with friends. Once you have the iMovie app on your handset, you can begin editing your recorded video clips straight away.

It also gives you the capability to add sound effects to your video clip in addition to the audio which you may already have as part of the footage itself. There are two ways in which you can do this, one adds effects from the built-in sound effects library and the other from your on iTunes library on your handsets respectively. To add the effects from the built-in library all you have to do is with your project currently open within the iMovie app, tap the Media Library icon on the phones 3.5 inch multitouch display, followed by the Audio button that will appear at the bottom window. You then tap Sound Effects and are able to hear them, followed by adding one to your project by tapping it respectively.

The built-in effects are great for adding simple jingles and common sounds to a project, as well as sounds that may make the video clip more funny to watch. For example you may use a comedy slip sound along with the footage of a friend slipping.

Adding effects from your iTunes library on your iPhone to your movie clips in the iMovie app is also an easy process. Tap the Media Library icon and Audio again, and this time select any from Playlists, Albums, Artist or Songs to locate an audio file, and select it to add to your clip. Files shorter than one minute are automatically available as sound effects, while those longer shown in a longer green bar on the interface can be used as throughout background music for your project.

The iPhone 4 is a powerful smart phone with currently the largest platform of applications to download and add to it available. Apps such as iMovie allow you to create great projects such as video clips in HD and also enhance them using other apps such as iTunes. Altogether you can create something wonderful with a few finger taps.

Mozbot Team

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