Blackberry launch travel app.

The Blackberry Torch offers the Travel app as one of many apps to download enhancing your handset and offering easy to use and useful services to you when you most them from your smart phone. The app makes it easy to plan, make reservations and mange your travel as you go, as well as easily share your travel activities.

The app is available for download from the Blackberry App World. The Travel app is among the latest for this Blackberry Torch and others, which provide all-in-one smart phones along with the powerful Blackberry 6 operating system. This particular application lets you combine all of your travelling needs such as reserving hotel rooms, finding the best flights and more all in one easy to use and to find place, and all on your smart phone.

This feature offers you the ability to save time as well as effort, by quickly searching and booking hotel rooms and searching for flights from within the same interface, rather than having to switch between multiple places such as your web browser and email client, among others. In addition to this, once you are ready to go, it can provide you with recommendations of things you may need, such as your Passport, as well as things you may forget or have forgotten, or notify you of incorrect bookings. When booking rooms and flight seats, you are also bombarded with emails from the respective booking services with many details.

This powerful feature takes care of them by plucking all of the important information such as times and places directly from your emails, without you having to go to your inbox. Blackberry Travel also prepares you with a 5 day weather forecast and currency conversion where needed along with allowing you to share your travel plans with friends and family or colleagues via the LinkedIn online business networking service. And, once you have arrived, you can enjoy the best meals and know where to shop with support from Yelp via the app also.

The Blackberry Torch is a compact device with many great features, this application available for it as well as others from the prestigious manufacturer provides you with a simple and cohesive application to use as a travel planner and virtual privative assistant. It is perfect for business people and frequent travelers, and takes a range of tasks that you would usually do with several apps on your phone and provides them through one.

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