Three quarters of us pay too much for own mobiles

Wasting up to £200 each year, three quarters of mobile phone user waste money on the wrong contract.

As a whole the UK alone wastes £4.9billion every year, according to research by bill comparison site, Billmonitor.

With 52% of mobile owners on a contract which is too large for them, 29% on one that’s too small and 19% are not using free texts and data allowances to their advantage.

Billmonitor has reported that many mobile users on too large a contract only use three quarters of their free call minutes. Being on a tariff that’s too small leads to being overcharged for going over your limit – this could be easily avoided if users upgraded to a slightly larger tariff.

There are also around 19% of customers on the wrong length of contract or not taking advantage of benefits such as text and data allowances.

The research also shown that only 24% of mobile phone subscribers are on the correct tariff and would not able to save money by switching.

With 82% of users over spending on their contract at some point through out the year (such as overseas calls, picture messages or data and texts), £3.47 billion is spent on charges outside of bill allowances.

Mozbot Team

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