iPhone Vs. iPad

Retail giant, Apple has come of with two products of which both have become trendsetter’s for technology thats followed. One is iPhone and the other, the iPad. On the one hand iPhone is a series of smartphones, whereas iPad is tablet- both of these no have mass followings. A number of handsets have been added into iPhone series whereas iPad has seen only two devices unveiled so far.

The iPhone is a chain of Internet and multimedia handsets, a trademark of Apple. With the first launched June 29 2007, in San Francisco and was an instant hit. With many never before seen features, and the best applications at the time – you name the applications and its there on the iPhone. Connectivity options are there on the handset available to use with ease..

It can run on 3G as well. Multi-touch and virtual keyboard functions like its patent property on the handset. There are some very best Apple applications available which can be accessed from Apple store. There are some very best applications available in the Apple store which is increasing day by day. Social networking, GPS navigation, Television shows, etc. provide diversity to these handsets.

All the networks are lining themselves to provide you some of the very best A number of other iPhone are there in the series which are getting a lot of positive reviews from its users and critics.

Now, there comes another of the legends in the form of iPad. Its first of the tablet devices which have got some of the very best features but minus communications. Gaming, video viewing, music, web surfing, etc. are some of the best features in the gadget. One thing which all the iPad users miss a lot is camera, which is completely absent from the device. But in the next edition of the iPad, Apple has kept it in mind and equipped gadget with not one but two of the cameras.

There are some iPad deals available in the gadget which are very much far fetched. All the networks are providing you some in the market which are very much affordable.

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