‘I just got hit’ app arrives for android

After capturing iPhone audiences, the ‘I just got hit’ app is now coming to android phones. The app is set to be used by accident victims.

As the most eminent and experienced Dallas accident attorney, David Godsey says that he and his partner Justin Martin, have been striving to incorporate their goodwill and timely helping hand towards people in the most advanced technological form. After the widely accepted IJGH iPhone App, they have widened their prospects even more by delivering a droid version of the IJGH App.

The motive behind entering the Android arena is because most of the big players of the mobile phones market currently hold as big a market as a typical iPhone market. Android operating systems are now past the iPhone bubble and mobile phone brands like LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and so on are gaining increasing users.

In order that users of such phones are also able to strike the right Dallas accident attorney information at the time of utmost need and additionally be able to locating the accident on Google-Maps, call the police or medical help with ready lists of emergency numbers or even be able to call a nearest cab service, Godsey-Martin have launched the IJGH App droid version.

You also have quick access to the accident form and can even capture photographs of the accident and attach it to the application form. This App makes your mobile phone a lifesaver and also brings your wrongdoer to justice.

With the background of a high caliber insurance company job profile, and the experience of fighting against similar big insurance companies who fail to deliver the just accident insurance claims to the victims, Dallas personal injury lawyers David Godsey and Justin Martin, have the power to contend your case in the right stride and bring you a just conclusiona.

“While inside this big insurance company I gained first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies handle claims in a way that often takes advantage of the victim. Today I only represent victims – not big businesses,” exclaims Godsey. “Whether you or a loved one was hit by a corporate commercial carrier, 18-wheeler or car, we have the strength, resources and expertise to get you the justice and fairness you deserve,” he adds further.

So do not think any further and garner the power to your right as a citizen of a democratic nation. The power is in your palms through your IJGH Android App.

It is the Android version of the IJUSTGOTHIT App that allows the common man to be proactive and access important accident-related information. It gives access to timely justice especially with the conjoined expertise of renowned Dallas personal injury lawyers – David Godsey and Justin Martin.


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