Peep for tweeting, with the HTC Desire

The HTC Desire S offers Peep for tweeting allowing you to share what you are thinking or doing with the World on Twitter.

The intuitive application which comes as part of the HTC Sense experience and is pre-installed on your handset allows you to read tweets from those you are following as well as create and share them with your followers. Sense for the phone uses the same login details as your Twitter account, which allows you to also link all or any of your contacts who are also on the micro-blogging social network, if you are following them, their latest tweets will also appear ion the pre-installed people application too.

To access twitter via Peep, you first sign in when you turn on your handset, else you ca follow the onscreen instructions when you launch Peep, and add your account via Sense by selecting Settings and then Accounts & Sync. Using Peep on your Desire S is simple, once you have opened Peep from your home screen, it opens automatically in the “All tweets” interface. This display shows you all of the latest tweets from your friends and the people you follow on the network respectively. At the top of the interface, there is also a “What’s happening?” box, in which you can simply tap to begin composing your next tweet, sharing what you want with your own followers and friends up to 140 characters.

To view a persons profile, all you need to do is tap their blue underlined user name on the screen, and you will see their details and all of their tweets respectively. If the person is linked to your People app too, you can tap their photo or icon also, which opens a simple menu from which you can choose from various ways to instantly communicate with them, such as text message or email. You can also press and hold a tweet to re-tweet, send a direct message or reply via the options menu presented.

In addition to this, there are also four large icons at the bottom of the Peep application on your HTC Desire S. The first is the Twitter logo, by tapping this you can see all the tweets from the people that you follow and the tweets you have posted. The second is the “@” symbol, to view all the communications which include your username. Thirdly, the envelope icon allows you to privately message between people on the network, and finally a large blue star lets you view all of the tweets which you have marked as your favourites.

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