The future of DJ’ing?

There’s been a lot of talk recently of how we’re all moving into the future with everything going 3D and touch screen and all this malarkey, however if there are any budding DJ’s out there then you may want to pay attention to this. There something that is set to be released sometime soon called the Emulator. It’s basically touch screen DJ decks that look cool as when you turn the lights out.

We don’t know much about it at the minute but there’s a video that we’ve seen on YouTube that basically shows someone giving it a bit of a once over and it looks pretty damn good. Whether it will be the future of nightclubs or not we don’t know, because as you could imagine, a big glass pane in a club could quite easily be smashed in a number of different ways, which basically means that it isn’t exactly safe to have about.

However, on the official website emulator they say that it is “the next level in DJ performance” and that the Emulator can now become a part of the club’s lightshow. It is being projected from the bottom up so that the crowd will be able to see what is going on up there in the land of DJ!

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we are out on the town and we see one of these spectacular multi touch screen DJ decks. Who knows, we may end up spending more time watching the DJ than anything else…


Mozbot Team

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