Sony CEO offers Identity theft insurance to all PSN users

We all know about the recent hack into the Sony PlayStation Network and it is estimated that it has affected around 100 million PSN users in the last three or four weeks that it has been going on. Anyone who has ever bought anything off the PlayStation network may have also had their credit or debit card details accessed too and Sony are just warning people that they should keep an eye on their bank accounts and that they should watch out for any suspicious transactions.

The CEO of Sony has finally spoken out about the recent hack and has talked about the frustration of the situation and has explained how the hack doesn’t seem to have taken any of the users’ credit card details. A statement from the blog says: “To date, there is no confirmed evidence any credit card or personal information has been misused, and we continue to monitor the situation closely.”

The Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has said that Sony will be offering all US users of the PSN an identity theft insurance policy which is set to cost Sony a whopping $1milion which to us Brits is a whopping £610,000. There have been no announcements made regarding other countries that have affected users, but these details are set to be announced soon.

Sony has now found someone who they can try and pin the blame on. The global hacking group known only as Anonymous have had the blame put on them by Sony but they vehemently deny having anything to do with the hacking that has taken place. They have carried out many different hacks, 22 altogether. One of which was actually Sony, but that was something totally different to what is going on now and the fact that they have absolutely no history at all of taking others’ credit card details is one major reason why many people are saying that they have nothing to do with it, thus backing up a statement released by Anonymous themselves. The following is an extract from the statement by Anonymous: “Anonymous has never been known to have engaged in credit card theft. Public support is not gained by stealing credit card info and personal identities, we are trying to fight criminal activities by corporations and governments, not steal credit cards.”

If whoever has hacked the PSN has stolen people’s credit card details and intends to use them then when they get caught they could find themselves, in fact let’s rephrase that. They will find themselves facing a jail sentence and a hefty one at that! Anyhow, here’s to hoping that the PSN is back online soon enough!


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