Skype set to get as big as MSN Messenger?

Microsoft big dog Bill Gates has said that he had a big part to play behind the scenes of the recent buy out of instant messaging platform Skype.

Skype was bought out by Microsoft earlier this month for a staggering $8.5billion, which is the biggest acquisition in the history of the company. You have to admit though, that anything that Microsoft are involved in that comes to that price, Bill Gates is more than likely going to be involved in it.

You can imagine can’t you. In the next update of Microsoft they have a Skype app, so you can Skype on your computer automatically to other people who you have got added on it. There are many things that Microsoft, the owners, and also the creators of MSN Messenger, could do with Skype. Their expertise in the technology field and also their expertise with things such as instant messenger the possibilities are endless for Skype and with things like HD and more recently the emergence of 3D the possibilities are endless for what we can expect from Skype.

One of the big questions though will be; is Microsoft going to keep it all free? As some of you may already know Skype has a free part and it also has the paid for part. The paid for part though, isn’t a must. It’s not like Spotify where they limit the things that they offer you in the free service, all that you’re paying for is the calls, or video calls to other people’s mobile phones. So at the end of the day you’re getting a good, cheap and easy service for nothing!


Mozbot Team

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