HTC Windows Mobile Phones The Next, Omega And Eternity

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC Corporation should lead this year’s market, a good variety of new devices, many of which are powered by Microsoft operating system Windows 7 Phone and recently leaked HTC, HTC Omega and Eternity is one of their looks.

We’ve already heard that the company would aim to launch handsets like the HTC Windows Bresson, or HTC Ignite and Prime Minister, but it seems that most of them are even being developed.

In a recent article, revealed the guys over at WMPoweruser the upcoming availability of two units, although they do not contain information on specific markets, airlines or transition periods for them.

Some specifications for these devices should be a sport when you can buy have been produced, among other things, that both would be powered by a 1.5GHz processor demand.

Also, rumor has it that these devices pack 8-megapixel photo snapper on the back, and also includes DLNA compatibility.

Two devices should be exempt from the shelves at times towards the end of the year, which means both would go to the next mobile OS, or Mango.

HTC Omega would be the smaller of the two, and at lower cost, we assume, with a 3.8-inch touchscreen DCL on the forehead, but it would sport the same features as eternity, it seems.

HTC eternity would be a premium device, packing a touchscreen AMOLED 4.7 inch on the forehead and said: 8-megapixel camera with LED flash on the back. It would also microHDMI sport port.

For the moment, but the existence of these devices is a rumor that HTC is not the brand names for them yet, and there are no other references to other sites on the Internet.

We hope that these two smartphones proved to be just a rumor, so keep an eye on this space for more information.

Source: Mobile Phone Solution

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