New iOS 5 to be released later this year, but still no iPhone 5

As many expected there’s going to be no iPhone 5 released at this year’s WWDC. At the Apple event there’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system when there’ll be no announcement that there’s going to be no new iPhone handset announced this year.

Some people will be devastated by that news and some other people won’t be too bothered by the news. Instead we’ve had news that there’s going to be a new iOS released at this summer’s event, which may act as a bit of a stop gap for some people but it may not suffice for others. The new iOS 5 will be unveiled at this summer’s WWDC and there’s set to be a host of new things added to the new iOS from Apple.

This has to got be some good news for current iPhone 4 and 3GS users because it still means that although they’re physically not getting a new handset it will be like having a new handset because of all of the features that the new iOS will bring to the handsets. There are many things that a lot of people out there will love about the new update, one of which is the fact that you no longer have to connect your device to a computer to receive the latest iOS updates and they will be over the air.

There are a bunch of other things that will be included in this update and some of them will no doubt be more appealing to certain people and not so appealing to others. There’s no official release date for the iOS 5 as of yet but there are rumours that it will be released in the autumn of this year, presumably to coincide with the expected release of the next iPhone handset.

So as it looks at the minute there are plenty of things to look forward to as far as Apple’s future is concerned, so for any of you out there who were hoping to be seeing the release of the new iPhone 5 this summer then you may have to hold out for a few more months and just make do with your new iOS update for now. Although we’re sure that the new handset will definitely be worth the wait.

Mozbot Team

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