iOS 5 already jailbroken, months before its release

Following on from what we said yesterday about the new Apple iOS 5 currently being in development and set for an Autumn release date later on this year some hackers somewhere in the States have recently released some pictures of the new iOS 5 running on an iPod Touch. However, this iOS 5 that is running is a jailbroken version of the new iOS.

How has it come that some hackers have managed to jailbreak the iOS before its official release? I mean, Apple have released a BETA version for testing to developers but surely they shouldn’t be jailbreaking it already! Technically it’s not illegal in America to jailbreak iPhones, iPad’s and what not. But you’d think with whoever was getting the early version of this new iOS would be more bothered about finding any teething problems with it so that they could get it reported back to Apple and they would be sorted out sooner rather than later and who knows the release date may get pushed forward by Apple meaning that thanks to someone’s good work Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad users all around the world will get the iOS 5 a bit earlier than was planned thanks to people doing what they were supposed to do.

So if you’re an iPhone user as opposed to a Blackberry user, or an Android user then you will be eagerly waiting for this new version of the iOS to be released seeing as there’s not guaranteed to be a new iPhone this year. Obviously the rumours are that it will be announced in September but there’s nothing official from Apple that there will be one.

Obviously this is just a BETA version of the new iOS so there could be many more updates and changes to it so whether the jailbroken version holds or not is another thing, but for you people out there who are massive fans of jailbreaking your iPhone then this is undoubtedly going to be good news for you!

Mozbot Team

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