Exclusive Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 to be released

In the past there’s been exclusive Xbox 360’s released such as the exclusive Halo one a few years ago, and they have also done a Gears of War exclusive Xbox 360, a Resident Evil exclusive Xbox 360 and also a Final Fantasy one.

There are many different kinds of exclusive Xbox 360’s out there but this new one may be one of the biggest sellers seeing as Call of Duty is one of the biggest selling games around the world.

Activision has just announced that they will be releasing this custom-designed bundle on the 8th of November. The special custom package includes a 320GB Xbox 360 console, a copy of the game, two customised controllers and you will also receive a one-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

Retailers, GAME have already started taking pre-orders on the console and it is going to set you back a nice £270. That is of course if you fancy getting a new Xbox. I mean as an added extra it makes custom sounds when you switch it on. That must be an extra incentive to buy one!

Mozbot Team

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Batteries not included.