iPhone 5 to be released “next month” according to former US Vice President

We all know about Al Gore, the former Vice President of the USA and now board member at Apple. Well we also know how tight lipped Apple, as a company are about their rumoured “new products” which lets admit it aren’t really surprising new products at all. They’re in fact probably the worst kept secret in the technology world.

Well now their most recent “worst kept secret” is set to be announced and put up for sale in the coming weeks. There have been lots of different rumours doing the rounds about the iPhone 5 and what it will and what it won’t have on or in it for that matter. We do know that it will come in the old 16GB and 32GB memory sizes and it will also be compatible with Vodafone’s £50 signal booster; Vodafone Sure Signal.

Anyway, back to Al Gore. He is a board member at Apple and he said at a Leadership Conference in South Africa “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug.” Obviously there are two ways in which he could have meant that. He could have meant that there was a second handset to be announced along with the eagerly anticipated iPhone 5. This second handset is rumoured to be a smaller, cheaper version of the iPhone 4, or a budget iPhone 4. However, he could have just meant the numerous handsets of the iPhone 5 that will be released. Who knows what he means? It could be either, but at least we know that there will be a new iPhone being released next month!

Mozbot Team

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