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5 PS4 Titles Worth Looking Forward To

If you’re a console gaming fan surely you’re aware of the fact that the Sony PS4 was launched on 14 November 2013.A new gaming console for the new generation.”Greatness awaits” the tagline says. And indeed it does.

The PS4 currently is the console you “must” have right now. With more graphical power than the Xbox One, 32 times more system memory than the PS3 and a firm focus on pure gaming experiences rather than media mojo, it has established itself as the next-gen console to beat. The new PS4 is small sleek better built that immediately gives it an edge over its competitors without even booting it.

It is the gaming console that’s built by the gamer for a gamer. That’s right. After only a month of its launch it has already won the hearts and minds of many from the word go, with lots of prospective next-gamers left feeling alienated by some of Microsoft’s bizarre policies and choices for the Xbox One – many of which were reversed as a result of a backlash. With 8GB of super-fast GDDR5 memory sitting at the heart of the PS4 you can rest assured about the performance because it is top notch.

The start-up interface of Sony PlayStations was always a bit of a letdown as compared to its major rivals Xbox. But Sony has really tried to sort that issue out and they have succeeded. The PlayStation 4’s interface has been streamlined considerably. Now known as the Dynamic Menu, it’s composed of two horizontal feeds. The primary menu serves up games and apps, the one above it hosts your trophies, friends list, your PSN profile and system settings. Priced at £350, it is surely at the expensive end of the spectrum. But boy!!It surely is worth every penny of it.

But the stuff that matters the most or , hell, the only stuff that matters to us gamers is the gaming quality. The Playstation 4 is graphically better than its predecessors and even its competitors but its yet to enter into the ‘mind blowing’ arena that none have managed to touch so far. Graphics are good but will vastly improve as developers get to grips with the new hardware. But still, right now its as good as it gets. With the gaming developers trying to win over the gaming community lets check out the PS4 titles that are most awaited in the near future.

1) Star Wars: Battlefront


Now it may be a while before the Battlefront is released and the only thing that’s released as of now is a small cinematic giving a sneak peak of the game, but the fact that people have been waiting for a long time for a decent Star Wars game to be released makes it one of the most anticipated games this year. And personally I feel DICE can really nail it this time. They’ve already said that you can fly from the planetary surface all the way into the space battle, so it seems like it’ll be kinda great. Here’s what EA labels President Frank Gibeau had to say about DICE’s effort to pull off the ultimate Star Wars game-

“They’re not just going to ape what we’ve seen in the past. They’re going to bring their own sensibilities and design ideas. We want to innovate. We want to try new things. There’s a lot of stuff in there that we’re planning on doing. There’s a lot of new stuff that we’re looking at too. From our perspective, it’s capturing that epic, Star Wars, all-out huge scale. That’s what we’ll go after.”

2) Destiny


This is the product of Bungie’s ten year publishing deal with Activision. You play Seven Hundred years in the future. In this humans have spread out in the solar system in a time called the golden age, a prosperous period of exploration, peace and technological advancement. Then for some reason there was a collapse, all the colonies were destroyed and mankind was nearly destroyed but was saved by “The Traveller“, a white, spherical celestial body whose appearance centuries before had enabled humans to reach the stars.

It hovers above the last city on earth. You play as either a hunter a warlock or a titan whose job is to reinforce the city and find out what caused the collapse. Now the game is rumoured to be an FPS (first-person shooter) with MMO(massively multiplayer online game) elements and it has matchmaking elements which actually limits the players you see in the game depending on what you’re doing in the game. It is supposed to come out sometime in 2014 and is surely one of the most anticipated games right now.

3) The Division

The Division PS4

There’s a good selection of video games releasing in 2014 and one of the more interesting titles comes from Ubisoft. And the next one in line from them is The Division which marks a shift in the type of games you would normally see from one of their studios. It is a MMO third person tactical shooter. The game is set in an immediately post apocalyptic New York where a disease has caused the society to collapse. You are part of an elite team set to try and resolve this crisis.

As with a lot of next generation titles this game contains companion gaming so if you’ve got a tablet you can use it to fly around to check out the city without actually having to go in with your character. One more thing that will make The Division great is the game engine. Usually the engine is nothing to be celebrated about but this game is a bit of an exception. The Snowdrop Engine is capable of capturing light realistically via a volumetric lighting system, which will help establish a more believable atmosphere. The division hits the market sometime in 2014 and I for one am surely buying it on the first day.

4) Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


One thing’s for sure, you will be completely blown away by this game. Now the game is supposedly split into two parts. In the first part called Metal gear solid ground zeroes, Snake infiltrates Camp Omega in Cuba to rescue Chico and Paz – both key characters in Peace Walker. The second part called the Phantom pain is set with the background of the Afghan Soviet war set in Afghanistan. The good thing is that you can attack objectives as you please in it.

If you were a fan of the previous games, there are some new but also some old faces, of which the most notable is Ocelot. Kiefer Sutherland will provide Snake’s voice and they’ve also included Troy Baker and Satoshi Mikami (Ocelot), Jay Tavare (Code Talker), and James Horan and Takaya Hashi (Skull Face).So it seems like Kojima Productions re really trying hard to pullof the game of the year. It comes out sometime in 2014 for both current and the future generations of consoles.

5) The Order: 1886


The order is being exclusively developed for PS4 by Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica. One of the most awaited games this summer and it could be one that wins the heart of the Sony fanboys. The Order: 1886 is a single player, third-person shooter, real time game,” meaning “you’ll get back into the game and everything you saw in the cinematic will be there.” The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate history where an old order of knights keep all of the world safe from half bred monsters, who are a combination of animal and man. The war has continued in 1886 and the humans have martial law. The Order:1886 is expected to hit the markets in 2014.