Internet Speed, Usage and Latency by Country

American corporation Equinix, who operate data centres on a global scale, have produced a map of the world that depicts global internet speed, usage and latency on a country by country basis. Furthermore, the map also gives an insight into where Equinix’s own fibre cables are placed around the globe, including where Equinix’s underwater cables can be found.

The average download speed per country can be found on the map, derived from

Download speed in the UK stands at No. 26 at the moment behind other European countries such as Denmark at No. 15, the Netherlands at No. 10 and Sweden at No. 5 on the list.

Hong Kong currently tops the list with the highest average of download speed at 68.19 Mbps while Burkina Faso has the slowest download speed of countries in the world at just 0.81 Mbps – which marks a big difference between download speeds around the world.

The latency rings around Equinix’s own data centres and their corresponding reach can also be seen on the map.  The highest number of data centres can be found in Europe and the US.  These geographic regions are also the busiest as far as data transfer around the globe is concerned.

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Global Internet Infrastructure

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