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Top Forex Apps For Smartphones To Help You In Trading

Many apps that make it easier for you to trade forex are available on the market today. These apps provide you with updates in real-time and enable you to trade currencies right from your smartphone. Such forex trading apps, available on Apple iTunes and Google Play Store, can be downloaded on to your smart device.

While some of them are available for free, some others are available only on payment of a fee. Here are a few of the top free forex apps for Smartphones:

#1: TradeInterceptor Forex and CFD Trading
This mobile platform enables you to trade forex, commodities, and binary options. You can choose to trade instruments from these asset classes with the top forex brokers recommended by the app. The intuitive user interface provides you with in-depth analysis of currency price movements. Further, the streaming quotes and charts make technical analysis easier. You can also trade directly from the charts.

#2: FXCM Trading Station Mobile
This app provides powerful trading tools to you and makes it easy for you to access the forex markets. The app allows you to not only place orders but also manage them in the right manner. FXCM Trading Station Mobile provides access to more than 56 currency pairs. In addition, it provides an in-app demo to help new users who want to try out the platform prior deciding whether to sign up or not.

#3: NetDania Forex and Stocks
NetDania makes available quotes in real-time and live charts for more than 20,000 financial instruments. It also streams news provided by FXWirePro and Market News International. The main features of the app include low-latency and interbank forex rates from top six liquidity providers for more than 2,000 currency pairs. In addition, NetDania provides a market overview, which is valuable for those interested in the currency markets.

#4: XE Currency
This leading currency-conversion app offers live currency rates as well as charts. As the app always stores the latest rates, it works even when the Internet connection is not available. Further, the market history charts provided by the app enables you to access and analyze the conversion rates of world currencies and precious metals. The app enables you to set and monitor the price movements of up to 10 of your favorite currencies. If you upgrade to the app’s pro version, you can track price movements of 20 currencies and also prevent in-app advertisements from showing up.

#5: CoinTrader
The CoinTrader app enables users to obtain quotes and also trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among many other altcoins. You can place trades between the digital currencies or between digital currencies and traditional national currencies. The app makes use of the online exchange Cryptsy and you can check your wallet balances, order history, and also track prices and charts.

#6: BabyPips
This mobile app for the forex forum on is by far the best forex education resource available on the Internet. The easy-to-understand guide made available by the app teaches beginners how to trade currencies. It starts with the basic understanding of the forex market and gradually teaches you advanced charting techniques a well as triangular arbitrage.

#7: Forex Hours
This is a very simple app and it tells you as to when certain forex markets around the world open for trading. As a trader, you will be able to use this information and place orders when the maket liquidity is at its best. In additon, you can also find out the times when a currency is likely to be most active.

#8: FX Trader Magazine
The FX Trader Magazine is one of the leading quarterly publications. The magazine’s mobile app provides you with free access to its current edition as well as the archives. You can also opt to subscribe to the banner-free version. This enables you to read the issues of the magazine offline. The magazine app also provides in-depth economic reports, trading strategies, education, fundamental and technical analysis, interviews with market experts and successful traders, studies on trading psychology, and reviews on several forex trading resources and tools.

Summarizing, the apps mentioned above make it easier to trade currencies with the top forex brokers. You can access the forex markets from any where and at any time through your mobile device, irrespective of whether you want to place trades, check currency rates, or read the latest happenings in the market.