Top Reasons Why PHP Technology is Great for Startups

What you do when some information is required about something? You head on to the internet and browse numerous relevant websites. Today, websites are our primary source of information. For any information, we visit, access, and search websites. We get enrichment and entertainment on the way. All of this was not possible in the past as the websites were static in nature and limited in their ability to deliver information to users. However, the scenario has significantly changed a lot over the years, and now most websites are dynamic in nature, allowing users to access and get selected information quickly.

Several technologies have been developed for the static and dynamic transition of websites, and PHP is one of them. PHP can be described as an open-source server-side scripting language that helps increase user engagement by the PHP development companies to create great websites. It is a language with a growing share of web development space, and more than eight out of ten websites in the world choose it as their server-side scripting language. We can quite clearly see the popularity of the scripting language, which is at the core of web development. Without the result-oriented features of PHP, this could not have happened. This enormous popularity and excellent characteristics of the PHP programming language led a number of entrepreneurs to choose it for their startups or business extension.


PHP: What is It & why is it popular?


PHP can be described as a form of script code. It works like any other open-source programming code. Being open-source, it is free for everyone to use. This means PHP web design can be created without purchasing special software or worrying about compatibility. The custom web design that uses PHP is accessible to all browsers and is created on any operating system. This makes the PHP programming language a very versatile and powerful option. PHP is so powerful because it works with many databases, which is why a PHP developer is not limited to one specific format. With PHP, you can quickly transfer existing data to your custom website design with fewer problems. The result is more affordable web design without sacrificing all the benefits of a well-designed website.

PHP has been famous for its scalability, tremendous community support, open-source nature, and a variety of other reasons. There is no doubt that this language has been chosen over other web development languages to create dynamic sites. If you dream of creating a small website or creating a CMS that meets customers’ specific requirements, using PHP is the best solution. But when it’s time to pay more attention to security, architecture, speed, and powerful features, it’s high time to choose a PHP framework for your startup. The market is filled with development platforms with unique features and functions.

However, PHP does not have to be included in the competition, as it has already gained so much popularity that developers naturally choose a platform without even considering others. When it comes to Google, PHP makes it easy for Google to crawl your site and determine the language used in the development. Various websites that have used PHP development easily match the header. Hence, when Google realizes that over 75% of sites run on PHP after the entire web has crawled, this is excellent and accurate evidence that PHP has a predominantly online presence. Despite being used for the development of over a million websites, PHP is still the most attractive language for developers.


PHP Development: Reasons Why it is great for Businesses.


Starting a business requires a number of complicated things, along with a study programming language. PHP can be referred to as one of the oldest languages being used in web development, no wonder the number of PHP developers is skyrocketing high in the market. Indeed, PHP programming comes with a bundle of astonishing features and functionalities that are necessary for reliable website development. Here are some reasons why any startup should choose PHP over any other development platform.


It is Open Source


If you ask someone who has prior experience of working with PHP about its greatest benefit, they will tell you instantly; it’s open-source. Since it’s open-source, you don’t need to spend all your money on paying those license fees. If you think about it, being a startup, you can use that money somewhere else in your business. Furthermore, open-source programming languages are considered as most feasible languages as they stay in sync with all the latest trends in the technology and deliver a ton of features. You can mold it the way you want. It has a vast community that keeps on improving its capabilities, and you can reap the benefits if you go with PHP development for your startup.


Extensive Standard Libraries


You must be aware of the hardships one has to go through to open a business in these tedious times. Well, presenting a feature-rich website to your users surpasses all the other challenges. That’s where PHP programming language comes into play. With PHP development, you can rest assured of the fact that your website will awe the users. The reason being, it has a substantial standard library and gets extensive support from database drivers, HTTP fetching, URL parsing, and much more. PHP doesn’t have a standard package distribution system. Hence, all of the mandatory features are bundled in the interpreter, which makes it a wish come true for various PHP developers. It also comes with code sharing and code reuse functionality that makes it even more alluring to the developers.


It’s Everywhere


Starting a business makes you question everything and ultimately delivers many relevant answers that help you in the process. While selecting the development language for your website, it’s more than usual to question its every aspect. In case you choose to move ahead with PHP development, you can rest assured of ultimate results in terms of efficiency and productivity. You can judge the efficiency of PHP development by the fact that it is being used by more than eighty percent of the websites running today. This simply means, PHP plays a significant role in most modern web development projects, and the risk of language aging is virtually zero. This is an excellent plus for startups, as most would prefer not to run their businesses at the risk of using technology that may not last long. PHP is also supported by various large and prosperous communities of developers and companies, both of which are always offering new solutions and improving the language and its frameworks as it is open source. In the case of new businesses or startups, you will get a large ecosystem with numerous tools and pre-built solutions already developed and available to use.


Efficient Functionalities


PHP is known as a result-oriented programming language that consists of various functionalities along with cross-platform versatility, secure web apps, and multi-browser compatibility. In addition to versatility, PHP also has an additional layer of protection that protects your website from web security and virus threats. In case your startup’s website is under development, PHP will deliver maximum control over it. Moreover, a website can be designed and developed according to the customer’s needs. In addition, it also offers a large number of extensions, which makes website development an easy process. In addition, it has less loading time, which makes web pages much faster to load.


PHP Development is Time Saving


Nothing is more important than executing an idea on time to reap the expected results. PHP can help you in launching your business in record time as it takes much less time than any other programming language available out there. PHP is known as a partially object-oriented language that makes it possible to reuse the code. Reusable PHP components save a lot of time and effort during development. There are many PHP frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Joomla, WordPress, and so on. They all have their own functionality and fast and secure development in specific areas. PHP was deliberately optimized for the fast production of various web applications. It has built-in features such as access to GET and POST and working with HTML and URLs.


Easy Maintenance


The worst nightmare of any startup is a non-functional website. PHP development saves you from it quickly. Websites that are based on PHP programming are easy to maintain and deliver a fast rate of development initiatives; these are the qualities a startup needs. PHP programming language saves a lot of time and money, making code reuse much more effortless. Hence, PHP saves a significant amount of time by investing in thorough coding and the development of effective business solutions. However, numerous PHP frameworks deliver secure and fast application development and include a built-in feature that enhances the overall performance. In addition, it delivers space for editors to work on predefined functions.


The Bottomline


In the world of web technologies, PHP is leading the herd. It has got everything accumulated at one place that a developer wants to develop a successful website. Whether you want to create an e-commerce website or a service-oriented website, it can you with everything. It has got all the qualities a startup expects from web technology, such as cost-effective, easy-to-learn, flexible, efficient, and much more. Above all, PHP delivers you complete control over your web application or website.

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