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Electrical Safety Certificate Keeps Your Family and Tenants Safe.

Are you a landlord or agency in London looking for an electrical certificate at the lowest price? If you want to ensure the safety of your tenants, it is essential to acquire an electrical certificate and gas certificate. What should you consider when looking for electrical certifications? Protect your tenants and family from risks of electrical fires by getting fire alarm repair and maintenance services. 

Electrical certificate.

It is issued after examining the state of electrical wiring and checking if the installation meets the safety standards. The electrical certificate shows:

  • Any problems found.
  • If the fire alarm installation is satisfactory. 

The electrical engineer should be well trained and highly experienced to provide thorough electrical inspections and safety certificates at a lower cost. The electrical inspection takes about 3 to 4 hours. It is highly recommended to get an electrical inspection every 3 to 5 years. It is a good way to keep your tenants safe from the risks of electrical faults. 

Items covered in the electrical report.

  • Sockets.
  • Fuse box.
  • Earthing.
  • Lighting.
  • Bonding.

What factors affect the cost of the electrical safety certificates?

  1. Location.

If the electrical engineer has to travel far from where they are based, you will pay more. Find an electrician located close to your property. 

  1. The number of electrical outlets.

The size of the building determines the time taken for the inspection. The number of electrical circuits and electrical outlets in your building determines how much you will pay for the certificate. 

  1. Remedial work.

If the damaged accessories and faults require remedial work, prepare to pay an extra fee. This service is not part of the safety certificate. 

Importance of electrical safety inspection.

  1. Identification of faulty electrical appliances.

Electrical appliances are susceptible to electrical faults due to human error or internal faults. An electrical safety inspection helps you know if the problem is due to internal wiring or a faulty electrical appliance.

  1. Electrical fire risk reduced.

Faulty electrical systems cause electrical fires that have destroyed a lot of homes. The electrical inspection should check for shorting issues and internal electrical problems that lead to electrical fires. They will help you find an additional way to protect your family or tenants against fire outbreaks.

  1. Ensure efficient operation of electrical systems.

It helps to identify issues in your electrical system allowing it to operate optimally. Electrical testing enables you to pinpoint the problem. It will identify and correct previous electrical work that was done poorly. It will reduce the risk of electrocution and identify the overloaded electrical circuits.  

  1. Help you to comply with electrical standards.

A good electrical inspector should know the electrical standards that you should comply with to keep your home safe. They should ensure that your home’s electrical system complies with those standards. It ensures you do not get fines and penalties.


Electrical engineers that conduct electrical safety inspections and provide electrical certificates should be well trained and highly experienced. It is recommended to do these inspections every 3 to 5 years depending on the age of installation and previous inspection. An electrical certificate proves that your tenant’s safety is a priority. The items covered by the electrical reports include sockets, fuse boxes, lighting, and bonding. Electrical safety inspection has lots of benefits and will keep your home safe.