Promoting Your Blog from Creation to Sharing

When it comes to promoting your website, you must start at the beginning while you are creating the blog. This may sound like a strange way to promote but for your blog to be found in search engines, it must first be optimized so you must start at the beginning. If you do not have your blog optimized for search engines, all the promoting in the world will not necessarily get you seen in the top results for your keywords.

Optimizing Your Blog

In order to rank in the search engines, your blog and all of your posts need to be optimized for search engines to find. Above all else, you need quality content that your readers will find interesting and of value, but you also need to ensure that you have a title and meta description on each post, static pages, and the homepage. Keywords are important as well, but you do not want to stuff the keywords so the content no longer makes any sense to the reader.

For every page, you should use one keyword or keyword phrase and place it in the title, description and always include one picture on every page.

People love to see images and photos. When you include a photo, it will be shared to social networks forty times more often than a post that does not have a photo.

Add a plugin that allows others to share your post to social network sites. This way your visitors will be promoting your blog which will save you time and you will get more authority in your niche.

Ways to Promote Your Blog

You should place the URL to your blog at the bottom of your emails. This way everyone that you communicate with via email, will see your link and want to check it out.

Join social network sites. There are several different social media outlets you should join and then add your blog to all of your profiles. The most popular social media outlets include Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The more friends and followers you have on social network sites, the more chances you have of getting a following on your blog.

Join forums that are in your niche. Now, you can add your blog URL to your profile as well as your signature. Every time you post in a discussion, your signature will appear so others will be able to click the link.

If you contribute to other websites or blogs, you can easily add the URL of your blog to the author bio. Even if you own more than one blog on different subjects, you can still add the new blog to your author bio. The more places you can add a link to the new blog the better chances you have of getting the word out and achieving a larger following.

Submit Your Blog

You can submit your blog to search engines like Yahoo and Google but you should not stop. You can also look for directories that are in your niche and submit your blog.

Promoting your blog will take work, but if you truly want traffic, the time you spend promoting will be well worth the effort. You can find a variety of tools online that help you submit your blog to search engines, as well as help, create proper meta titles and descriptions.