Top 6 Ways Influencers Can Make Money On YouTube

There are many people who are using YouTube to make money online. Also, YouTube is a unique platform for marketers who want to set up video marketing. In the field of digital marketing, influencer marketing is a growing category. Because people can do strong business from it. Influential people like businessmen can also make a lot of money from here. And they can make some money from YouTube in part using their marketing skills.

Influential people who are really interested in YouTube can have great benefits. With this popular video marketing platform, they can start their full-time career. In the case of influencers, it can be a great option for expressing their thoughts and ideas. Also, they can define their creativity here and earn some money from each publication.

Anyone can easily earn money from YouTube in different ways. But influencers can earn their own thing on YouTube. For example, the PieDiePie reveals what he thinks about his real life and people follow him. They enjoy his presentation and his works. So influencers can make money doing anything to build their community on YouTube. If one can get inspiration like others, one can earn millions. There are many ways to make money. But here we will discover the top ways to make money on YouTube that influencers can consider. So stay with us and read to the end.

1. YouTube Partner Program

This can be considered the best way of making money on YouTube as an Influencer. Yes, becoming a YouTube partner you can get the best support for earning money. If you are interested in this YouTube program you can get the support applying to this program. You can get the support for this program once you’ve fulfilled the requirements.

To qualify you to need 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. It should not be tough for an influencer but it requires some time investment on your part.

Once you are accepted as a YouTube Partner you can start your money-making journey. You will have the possibility to monetize your videos. Also, you can earn other unique features like channel subscriptions for monetizing ads. You should know that YouTube Ads is a CPM basis platform. You can get paid for 100 views of your ads on your provided video content.   

2. Affiliation

What if an influencer takes advantage of videos to sell products or services that he loves?

With online affiliation, you can support users to find something new. You are paid for each sale sent.

Here, it is not the company that contacts you, but it is you who select the products to sell.

Promoting affiliate links can be a huge earning opportunity for channels that offer in-depth tutorials as well as relevant product reviews.

For example, if you recommend a product and a user visits your link to purchase it, you will start earning commissions.

You can place these links in the first few lines of your description and talk about your link in your video content.

Posting affiliate links on YouTube is a lot like promoting affiliate links on a blog. So, you shouldn’t put affiliate links all over your YouTube content just for monetary benefit.

Remember, people will only follow these links if they think you are a trusted resource.

To build trust with your audience, help them solve real-world problems, and provide tutorials on the product. As a bonus, you can create videos that feature solutions that you yourself have done before.

There are so many affiliate programs available online that you can join. You can join many different programs in one place on a popular affiliate network like Awin.

The best way to maximize your income is to start a blog along with your YouTube channel and add affiliate links to it. This way you monetize YouTube and also have a website on a platform that you own.

No need to be a developer or an IT engineer, for starting blogging. Just install it with a single click. Then it’s up to you to layout and feeds it. We do not recommend free blogs that are not optimized for Google.

3. Selling Your Services

Do you have specific expertise? By revolving your videos around this theme, you can increase your visibility with a qualified audience.

Place calls-to-action to encourage users to contact you if they need your advice. You can sell your own training or consulting service.

4. Crowd Funding

If you’ve built loyal fans, encouraging them to fund your channel can help you fund and profit from your new videos.

For just a dollar, your fans can subscribe to their favorite channels. And even return home with exclusive rewards from their favorite content creators. This allows you to benefit from a combination of recurring and one-off donations.

Both for-profit and not-for-profit channels leverage this fan funding from their audiences to keep their video operations running smoothly. As long as your content is interesting, entertaining, or of value, you will be amazed at how your viewers open the floodgates of generosity.

5. Make The Most Of Your YouTube Marketing Conversion Funnel.

Optimize your YouTube channel for sales. Pick your niche, become a YouTube partner, and start planning your marketing funnel.

YouTube is one way to get your message out there, but you can make more money using YouTube in unison with a blog. So you collect more email addresses and end up selling products to your fan base.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about an affiliate product that you recommend, you can reuse that content and create a YouTube video embedded in the post. Then, you refer YouTube users to your blog and affiliate links to earn commissions and build blog readers. As an influencer, you have to influence users to make money through different sites. You can use YouTube to convert your earning more from other mediums. So try to motivate your audience as a satisfying influencer to them.

6. Become an Amazon Influencer

The Amazon Influencer Program is growing in popularity. This influencer program allows you to maximize your presence on YouTube (social media in general) to earn money from Amazon recommendations.

After joining the program, you can rate and recommend products and direct your viewers to Amazon to buy through affiliate links. When your viewers click and buy on Amazon, you get your share of commissions – typically 8-10%.

But, this program is not open to everyone. The number of social media followers and other metrics dictate the odds of approval.

Making money on YouTube is possible, but making money on YouTube alone is difficult. It is essential to have a platform that you own such as a blog and to use YouTube as a secondary traffic stream. One of the benefits is that YouTube SEO is not yet as competitive as organic SEO.

If influencers can access it now and start driving traffic, they will be in a better position when the competition is more acute.