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Alien: Isolation – Review

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. A longing for the days gone by, allowing us to revisit things we’ve seen a hundred times before. To this day, I can watch Batman: The Animated Series and still enjoy it. It’s timeless. Similarly, the new Alien game, Alien: Isolation, manages ...

You have a slow Internet connection, yet you love watching videos. Maybe you're away from home, or you just don't have access to free wi-fi. The good news is that proper planning in advance can allow you to watch hours of cool videos without having to pay for the extra bandwidth. Change The Video Quality You can always change the video quality of the video you're watching. This isn't too hard and is probably the first thing you should try. To do this, locate the video quality button in the lower right-hand corner of the video. The quality button is actually a "settings" button and looks like a little gear. Click this gear and you should see an option to change the video quality. You can lower it to something like 240p or 360p and it should play on slower connections. Use Old-School Buffering Old-school buffering has been thrown out by Google, in an attempt to improve the user experience. You'll notice that if you pause your video, the video stops loading. It does this because YouTube (or, rather, Google), switched to a new Dynamic Adaptive Streaming of HTTP buffering technology (DASH). This new buffering scheme segments media streams into content "blocks." It's supposed to improve buffering and playback for faster connections, but it's a nightmare for slower connections and sometimes even wi-fi connections that are sub-optimal. Obviously, if you have a slow Internet connection, this DASH thing isn't helping you out at all. What you need is a little buffer in the video playback so that you can watch videos without any hiccups. And, fortunately, there are a couple of plugins that will let you kick it old-school on YouTube. You'll need to use either Firefox or Chrome browser for this trick to work. For Firefox, download the add-on "YouTube Center." It allows you to alter the way that YouTube videos are played and how they load. With the Chrome browser, install Tampermonkey. Once installed, you can disable DASH playback from the settings in the add-on. Taking The Buffering Trick To The Next Level OK, so the buffering trick was neat, but what if you want these videos stored locally on your hard drive. That a bit trickier, but not impossible. Go through the process to change the buffering and shut off DASH playback. Now, you should be able to right-click on the YouTube video in question and select "pop out." Once the video is in its own screen, you can right-click again and "save as." Do you see where this is going? In a few minutes, you'll have the video down on your drive and ready to play. It's going to be in the .flv format, so you'll need something like VLC player to play it. Download The Video Another simple way to solve the video playback problem is to download the video from YouTube. Make sure you're not downloading any copyright-protected material though. Programs, like YouTube downloader, from YTD, simplify the process, and allow you to download full HD videos from YouTube. Remember to respect IP when using downloaded content. That means you don't have to sacrifice video quality for playback. It also means you can download the video and watch it later, without any Internet connection. The software is simple to use too. Just copy and paste the video's URL into the software input box and click "download." The video is converted to a local file format that you can play with native video players. Wait For YouTube To Catch Up Of course, you can always wait for YouTube to catch up with the times. The site is reportedly trying to implement a feature that allows some users to control whether or not their video is downloadable from the site. This is supposed to happen later this year, though some reports say that some YouTube videos already have the feature. Margaret Jones is known as the nerdy tech one among her friends. When not pushing software and computer capabilities to their limits, she enjoys writing about basic uses for the everyday user.

Bored of Buffering? Tips for Watching YouTube Videos on a Slow Internet Connection

You have a slow Internet connection, yet you love watching videos. Maybe you’re away from home, or you just don’t have access to free wi-fi. The good news is that proper planning in advance can allow you to watch hours of cool videos ...

Shadow Of Mordor - Featured Image
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Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor – Review

I leapt from an invisible tower and immediately observed a group of Uruks slave driving some people on top of a cliff. This followed an extremely well done tutorial sequence that had enough emotional weight behind to make me invested in the characters early on ...

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How Cheap Smartphones will Impact Consumers and Business Owners

While the trend for affordable smartphones may have emerged in Central Europe, it is in the Asian market where it continues to have the most significant impact. This is best embodied by the performance of the Mozilla Firefox smartphone, which is the world’s ...


Britain’s Top 15 Social Media Regrets Revealed

The average Briton has 15 ‘internet regrets’ about things they wish they haven’t put online, a recent survey has found. Seemingly it is not just celebrities that drop themselves in hot water over a controversial or cringe-worthy social media post; we are all guilty ...


Want to watch your favourite TV shows abroad? IPTV vs. Internet TV

The number of people migrating, buying holiday homes or spending their 3-month sabbaticals in a foreign country is continually on the rise. For those TV lovers, an IPTV set top box is the answer to their prayers; in a nutshell, it allows users to ...


Technology That Can Prevent Distraction Whilst Driving

One of the main causes of vehicular accidents is distracted driving. The most common cause of this behavior is the use of mobile phones while driving. While the law already penalises such acts, it begs to ...

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Dying Light Review0

Dying Light Review

I was never a fan of Dead Island. While the idea of an island infested with Zombies mixed with first person melee gameplay mechanics sounded like something that I would definitely be a fan of, the ...

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10 cool things you didn't know your iPhone could do0

10 cool things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

According to IT Pro Portal 70% of Brits are spending more time with phones and tablets than they are with humans. The report by Juniper revealed that people are spending more time using smartphones, tablets and PCs ...

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The Evolution Of The App 0

The Evolution Of The App

The very first apps were launched in 1993: IBM’s Simon included a touchscreen pad instead of buttons, and although its utility was highly restricted – …

Dying Light Review 0

Dying Light Review

I was never a fan of Dead Island. While the idea of an island infested with Zombies mixed with first person melee gameplay mechanics sounded …

The state of the 3D printing industry 0

The state of the 3D printing industry

While 3D printing has long been on the radar, recent years have seen the technology capture public and media attention in a big way. Companies …