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    Cool Apps for Editing Videos on an iPhone

    How do you record your videos? Do you use a video camera, then transfer the video into your computer, then edit it and then upload it onto a video sharing…

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    Top 5 Tablets Running Windows 8 In 2014

    Microsoft are already working on their latest update, and speculation is that it will jump from 8 directly to 9 in April 2015 when the latest system is released. The…

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    Is It Worth Upgrading To A Next-Gen Console?

    With many people still unsure about buying a Next-Gen console, be it an Xbox One or a PS4, much excitement will be generated by the new gaming experiences on offer….

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    5 Cool Mail Apps for Mac

    What’s that one program you can’t live without? The one thing that you use everyday. The one thing without which your social life can’t survive. If you’re anything like the…

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    Internet Speed, Usage and Latency by Country

    American corporation Equinix, who operate data centres on a global scale, have produced a map of the world that depicts global internet speed, usage and latency on a country by…

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    5 PS4 Titles Worth Looking Forward To

    If you’re a console gaming fan surely you’re aware of the fact that the Sony PS4 was launched on 14 November 2013.A new gaming console for the new generation.”Greatness awaits”…

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    How to make your own website without html knowledge

    Many people these days are starting to discover how simple it is to design their own website. Even people without technical experience can trust the results that they can get…

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    5 Most Talked-About Things of the Google Nexus 5

    Ever since Google launched the Nexus range of products, we have seen quite a bit of innovation in their phones and tablets. Dual Cores, Quad cores and 1-2 GBs of…

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    How To Complete your Travel Visa Forms with a Free App

    New no-fuss solution VisaVisum to help millions apply for Visas A new smartphone app has been released to help ease the headaches associated with the Visa application process. VisaVisum, available…

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    5 Awesome Products Coming in 2014

    Technology has very well surpassed Moore’s law, to the extent that products in the market today were actually speculated to be released during the last half of this decade. While…

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